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[IMPORTANT] List of known bugs in ProMods 2.41 – CHECK BEFORE REPORTING A BUG

Posted: 01 Aug 2013 11:39
by ScuL
Please check this topic before you report a bug on the ProMods map! Please note that only major bugs are listed here.* Always check the titles of recent reports and use the search function to double-check your issue has not already been reported. Before reporting a bug please read How to report a bug, thank you!

For the list of known bugs of the Trailer and Company Pack and Cabin Accessories Pack click here.
For the list of known bugs of the ProMods ME-Addon Map click here.

These bugs have been confirmed and will be fixed for the next update:
If in doubt, please click on 'report' next to a bug to see the original report for more information about the bug (if there is no report link then the bug has only been reported internally).
  • :flag_eu: Game crash loading ProMods to an existing profile – SOLUTION
  • :flag_gb: Invisible walls in Roundabout, London – REPORT
  • :flag_mk: A1, near Skopje, road without collision – REPORT
  • :flag_it: Special Transport in Italy, Barriers at tollgate wont open – REPORT

Commonly reported non-ProMods issues:
*We don't list every bug reported as this would clog the list with minor bugs that are unlikely to be reported again