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[IMPORTANT] How to report a bug

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 20:53
by Nico
How to report a bug.
Please make it easier for us to get to the problem you are facing!

Fist things first, if you are playing with ANY mods other than the latest ProMods version, check that the bug is reproducible on a profile with ONLY ProMods enabled. If the issue persists, use the following procedure to report the bug.

Check first that the bug hasn't been reported before!!
By checking the known bugs list, searching the forum and looking through recent reports

The title of your report has to tell us something about the nature of the problem. "Bug in Sweden" is not an acceptable title; Sweden is a big country. Preface the title of your report with the mod version number in [square brackets], clearly state the nature of the problem you've found (texture gap, invisible wall, misplaced item, AI behaviour, etc.) and tell us where it is (road number, nearby city, company, etc.).
It should look something like this: [1.71] Roundabout sign at T-junction in Odda.

Always include coordinates for any issue that occurs in a specific location (i.e. most visual bugs, GPS errors, AI issues, crashes that always happen in the same place.....). See the post below for how to do this.

Please always add a game.log.txt to the bug report! This file can be found under: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2

Open the file and copy its complete contents to your post.
Always put a game.log.txt in code! So paste the text between the [ code ] [ /code ] tags.


Code: Select all

My game.log.txt
If the game.log is bigger than the maximum characters allowed on the forum you can use and copy/paste the address after you have uploaded your game.log

Pictures will also help, especially when it's a map bug. Use or for large screenshots and link to them via Img tags.

Please stick to one seperate report per bug unless you are reporting similar bugs in the same area (e.g. grass bugs on a junction, floating objects by a company). This makes it easier to keep track of every bug!

Thank you for helping us make ProMods an even better experience for everyone!

Re: How to report a bug (Important)

Posted: 28 Jul 2015 13:13
by cashtime2013
Additional Information:

Add coordinates (from bugs.txt) - this helps the developers find the location much more easily:

How to find coordinates - step-by-step:
[1] Find config.cfg in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 root folder in My Documents (Windows), or /home/[username]/.local/share/Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Linux)
Edit the lines
g_developer "0"
g_console "0"

to read:

g_developer "1"
g_console "1"

Save the config.cfg file.

[2] in game, press F11 (SHIFT+F11 takes a screenshot) close to the position of the bug.
[3] write your bug text, then click on REPORT SCR or hit ENTER
[4] open bugs.txt in the ETS2 folder, there you will find your text with coordinates.