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31 Jul 2016 07:49

interested to try this, but what kinds of buildings specifically ? I've search for British Isles and found that most of it is already in promod, only the Ireland and Isle of man is not yet in the mod.

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01 Aug 2016 18:50

Buildings like this
Mapping... somewhere

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01 Aug 2016 20:42

IceBlue wrote:In the textures what does the alpha/transparency value do in terms of how it will look in game? Looking at default textures I have seen all sorts of values for it yet all seem opaque in game.
Alpha transparency will make the areas that are in the Alpha channel that are a certain color, usually black appear fully transparent. Say if you make a tree, and I want the leaves to be the only thing you see on the texture and have the rest not appear in the game I'd use the Alpha layer to generate a transparency for the area surrounding the leaves, turn it black, where as the rest of the texture the leaves themselves would be in white.

Basically, its this. Alpha transparency works on a greyscale format, anything 0,0,0 RGB will be fully transparent while anything 255,255,255 will be fully opaque. The rest of the scale will generate translucency relative to the numbers you chose. 127,127,127 would be the half way point of this scale.
it must be in grey-scale anything else will not work right.

If they all seem opaque in game then you are not setting the numbers correctly in the alpha layer to function correctly. Use photoshop or GIMP to edit your texture correctly.

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05 Aug 2016 15:12

Awesome! I recently caught on to ProMods, and when i saw what was possible with ETS2 mapping and modelling, i became very interested. I just downloaded Blender and i'm watching tutorials, see how this works out.

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19 Sep 2017 23:41

If still looking...



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