Tutorial: Converting static models to the game

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28 Jul 2016 02:45

Hi guys, here you have a tutorial i prepared for teach you how to convert static models to the game (can be used for truck modding too, but is a bit more complex). Post any question you can have ;)

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01 Aug 2016 21:00

Its a tad fast for a tutorial, I might suggest just to slow it down a bit so you don't have to stop the video to see what your doing. I wish it was this simple for my vegetation models :lol:

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01 Aug 2016 23:15

You can always get back on the video. Is the good point of Youtube :lol: Also, this video is for people who have a bit of experience

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11 Sep 2016 11:10

Click on the Settings
set Speed on Youtube to 50 % or lower.

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03 Feb 2017 19:22

Is there more like "very-beginner-guide" version of this tutorial?

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03 Feb 2017 22:49

I was able to add my first model to the game using this video and small Ivan's help so you can always ask him a few questions when you're stuck and out of ideas ;)
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26 Jul 2017 04:16

dude, this was very useful and thank you again. i am a 3d max expert and i was studying on some kind of buildings but a get a long break and now i will continue but

scs updated blender tool and 3d file types, pls make a video more with only 1 statik cube how we can import to the game, i really worked on new system tried many times but i couldnt. my uv map ed textures not showing in game i see only a red shiny object or i get error while enter the map editor.

before version of blender tools i was making really faultless with different shader types but now i cant.

also i know extract base file for pim files and again convert pim to pmg and pmd but even then i couldnt.

pls make a short video if u can, or someone may help us from team. thank you.

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26 Jul 2017 22:53

If you get a red texture in-game, there must be something in the game.log indicating which texture is missing. It may be an automat.
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28 Jul 2017 04:04

i solved my problem, i discovered new blender tools style and now i liked it more easy than old ones. my problem was because of texture size while converting tool creating tobj file and i puted a smaler texture file at same name and after converting i puted orjinal one in converting tools cache folders and packeded faultless.

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