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ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 11 Sep 2016 13:23
by angrybirdseller
First, I set it up as prefab.angrybirdseller.sii-to not have any file conflicts.

Then, created sii file with the following -SiiNunit

prefab_model : prefab.0 {
model_desc: "/prefab/cross/r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.pmd"
prefab_desc: "/prefab/cross/r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.ppd" }}

pack and load in zip file

I turn on ATS enter the map editor it loads the name the of object into the editor hit "E" it crashes knew this would happen.

00:01:02.682 : <ERROR> model_template.cpp(572): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Mismatch between number of parts in geometry (.pmg) and description (.pmd) files for '/prefab/cross/r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.pmg'.

I did swap o-roo with ETS2 prefab PMD file for ATS file one thinking the PMD-file does not care only that reads materials like road lines, pavement type etc like.

My question is PMD files like automat/4a/25524 that is material file that has where the tobj file is located showing where the DDS file is . Would I need zmodeler or blender to work around this issues, or little hex edit would do the trick.

Just want to use like 3 to 5 prefabs from ETS2 its the SC roundabout ones.

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 06:54
by penguinaz
Short answer: the .pmd and .pmg need to be the same model (you can't switch-a-roo)

Long answer:

There are a few things for moving a prefab to ATS:

- You need to transfer all of these: .pmd .pmg and .ppd

- I suggest you actually rename the prefab file names
(i.e. instead of r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.pmd you can rename it to ETS2_r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.pmd)

- Use "SCS Editor" to check all the .mat files you need to transfer from ETS2 to ATS
Here is SCS Editor:

- Open every .mat file that you have to transfer, and transfer any .tobj listed in it, as well as the .dds corresponding to each .tobj (the .dds files have the same name and same directory as the .tobj files)

(Reminder: By now you should have transferred .pmd .pmg .ppd .mat (multiple) .tobj (multiple) and .dds (multiple) and put them all in the same folders as they were originally)

- In your def file give it a unique ID such as prefab.angry001 (the "angry001" part has to be less than 12 characters)
For example this could be what it could look like:

Code: Select all

prefab_model : prefab.angry001 {
	model_desc: "/prefab/cross/ETS2_r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.pmd"
	prefab_desc: "/prefab/cross/ETS2_r1_x_r1_t_round_tmpl.ppd"
	category: "ETS2 Imported"

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 14 Sep 2016 16:48
by angrybirdseller
Thanks, all have to try it out on my days off.

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 20:38
by Lars0412
Hey, I would like to Use ATS models and a few prefabs in Ets2. But i don't know how to Transfer. I have tried the Whole day but alsways i forgot something. And in the Internet there isnt and important tutorial to use.

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 20:53
by Vøytek
That's not enough info.
What did you manage to achieve?
What's in the log?
Because if you always "forgot something", it means you investigated the log many times and managed to fix some issues, right? So why you're not able to fix the remaining ones?

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 21:47
by Lars014
I would like to Build the Air Base Ramstein in Ets2.
Thats why i Need Models and prefabs from ats.
My Problem Is that i dont know how i can transfer them.

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 13 Mar 2019 22:14
by Vøytek
Well, it's not something that can be easily explained...
You just need to do it with trials and errors method - definitions, models, prefabs, materials, there's a lot of folders you need to move. And to do it correctly, you need modding experience and understanding of how things work in ETS2/ATS file structure. There's no step by step tutorial.

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 14 Mar 2019 06:01
by Lars014
Ok, Thank you so far.
Then i have something to do this Weekend 😅

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 15 Mar 2019 23:58
by Lars014
After a few attempts, I was able to implement some models. However, I still have red missing textures or textures not found on Prefabs, so I'll be back in touch tomorrow.

Re: ETS2 prefab using it in ATS

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 14:31
by Vøytek
If you have a red texture with "texture not found" text, it should be easy to fix - just take a look what's the missing texture in the game.log ;)