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zmod 3 building reflection read error

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14 Sep 2016 16:46


I am using zmodeler 3-export just trying to get building relfection to work in game engine.

The pmd file-points to -file path of /model/misc/xxarizonax/x000.mat ---so far, so good making custom file paths. The next file the 000x.mat file

material : "eut2.dif.spec.add.env.shadow" {
texture[0] : "/model/misc/xxarizonax/x000.tobj"
texture_name[0] : "texture_base"
texture[1] : "/material/enivronment/building_relfection/building_ref.tobj"
texture_name[1] : "texture_reflection"
diffuse : { 0.752941 , 0.752941 , 0.752941 }
specular : { 1 , 1 , 1 }
shininess : 20
add_ambient : 0
env_factor : { 0.533333 , 0.533333 , 0.533333 }

then the tobj files
±p /model/misc/xxarizonax/ first file then

building reflection one-
±p : /material/enivronment/building_relfection/ /material/enivronment/building_relfection/

looks good go into the map editor

00:00:31.465 : <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file "/material/enivronment/building_relfection/building_ref.tobj" in the read_only mode
00:00:31.465 : <ERROR> [resource_task] Can not open '/material/enivronment/building_relfection/building_ref.tobj'

On trying to export it gives detail alpha message in zmodeler editor -I am sure overlooking something simple.

I using zmodeler 3 for now as used the original one from 5 to 10 years ago.

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15 Sep 2016 07:30

Do you have the file "building_ref.tobj" within the file path: "/material/enivronment/building_relfection/"? (I noticed you spelt "relfection" wrong, could that be the problem?)
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15 Sep 2016 10:44

Furthermore, you can't just edit TOBJ files with a text editor. You need either some HEX editing or ETS2 Studio for that, otherwise you could corrupt the headers.
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16 Sep 2016 17:35

got it working with reflections now and got glass effect on my models.


spelling my weak spot lol. I figure it out on zmodeler.

Next step is figuring out how more modern shader system works

thanks for the help.

I tried using blender tools, but zmodeler is easier for conversions

Rework some of the texture, and some items. Figure out how bump mapping and ambient occlusion it was not feature scs had 10 years ago.

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