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04 Feb 2019 18:19

Hi everyone,

I am MyGodness, creator of Grand Utopia, and I am facing some problems with my project. So, I hope you will be able to help me to solve a few of them :)

<ERROR> Protos to render array overflow! view_id: 0x1
→ In my large city, I have that error in the console. And, in game, some models tend to disappear when you look at them from a certain place. Like this :

Everything is fine :
Some models disappeared, i just turn the view a little :

AI are not respecting a "No AI Vehicles" zone
→ I disable AI Vehicles in a street but on the prefab just before that street, vehicle still go straight and then disappear. :/

The green lines in the editor are disable, so I don't understand why they keep going straight ...
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15 Feb 2019 22:10

Its because its a 4 way intersection prefab. Make it 3 way, excluding the blocked street and them use decorations to make it look like the blocked street is connected to the prefab.

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16 Feb 2019 06:07

1. There may be a cut plane that you are passing through.

2. Check if AI has a path to go with. If there is not, disable AI on junction prefab and use trajectories to draw your own AI pathes.

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19 Apr 2019 02:20

I'm curious about the "Protos to render array overflow" error too, as I've just has a session than generated over one and a quarter MILLION instances of this in about seven and a half minutes. It was in Mexico, though there's no easy way of telling whether it was on Viva Mexico or Mexico Extremo roads. I didn't notice anything unusual until I came to check the log file :shock:
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25 Apr 2019 20:38

"<ERROR> Protos to render array overflow! view_id: 0x1"

What is this error about?
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