How do i put multiple materials/textures in a model

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11 Feb 2019 16:44

Hello ProModders! I need another help with my models.
I followed the tutorial from SCS but they didnt show how to put multiple materials/textures
I used the materials thingy. But i dont know how to put multiple textures and how to allign them so they wont be flipped.
Here's how it looks on my first model. It looks super bad :c

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30 Mar 2019 17:11

For this, in Blender, you need set the textures in their postion, later you need asign materials for each part that you texturized, next you need create a new blank texture and do BAKE, then it create a unique texture with the part of texture that your model need. (remember that you need align the parts of texture that fit in a square texture, in blender there are a option that does it automatically). it is in big picture how you can do it.

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30 Mar 2019 18:46

No you don't. It's preffered if the texture is unique to the object, but seamless textures are best left alone. Anyway, here's how to assign multiple materials to one object.

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