Material for Accessory taken live from the game.

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28 Apr 2019 08:37

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a reverse camera for my truck (I haven't been able to extract the truck properly into Blender so I just keep making accessories to gain experience). I have made a 3D model of the screen on the dashboard, now what I want to do is that the screen's material should actually link up to an empty or a custom view at the back of the truck. Can this be done in Blender or by customizing the file in materials folder of teh mod?

I have seen something similar being done in the Scania Touring Bus Mod by Muhammad Husni but I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this yet. Any help appreciated.

Here's something similar to what I'm trying to do but I need the custom camera to be at the back of the truck not just the mirror footage.

Thanks for your help, guys!

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28 Apr 2019 10:00


maybe you can ask this in the SCS-Forum.
There should be your chance higher that you get help.

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28 Apr 2019 10:35

@scan720, I posted there too :) Thanks!

I was able to add it using the existing mirror environment in the environments folder but I would like to add a custom view to it so it shows what is behind the tuck and not beside it(camera located at the rear end of the truck).

This was during a test run with the mirror texture.

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