Cannot insert sign into map editor

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25 May 2019 13:11

Hey y'all,

I was working on my PM Addon for a few days, and then when I tried inserting a sign into the editor, poof, it crashed. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem? I can insert sign templates just fine, but normal signs no. I have tried removing all the mods from my folder except PM and the addon file, but the issue was still there. (also how do I post the crash log?)

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25 May 2019 17:30

Hi! I've experienced the same problem, maybe it is some bug of the editor. But for adding normal signs I just copy one from the map and paste it where I need, and I change it with the sign I need.


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26 May 2019 14:09

Placing signs has been a bit buggy with the latest version of ETS2, so your problems are not due to a conflicting mod. One way that we use to get around this is to use the content browser, and select signs from there to insert. Copying and pasting existing signs also works.
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