I can't find a 1:1 map of my local area

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04 Jul 2019 14:52

I want to create a map of my region and possibly one day entire country. The biggest issue holding me back is where am I going to find a 1:1 map?
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18 Jul 2019 14:15

Unfortunately I haven't found a website that lets you immediately create a 1:1 map image, the best alternative I've found (and have used in the past) is to take screenshots of Google Maps and manually stich them together into one large image file. It may take a while but it does produce an accurate map of the region you wish to map.
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11 Aug 2019 23:29

Try Maperitive, here's a link:

How to use:
1. Open Maperitive

2. Run this command, replace info where needed:

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generate-contours bounds=LON1,LAT1,LON2,LAT2
3. Run this command, replace info where needed:

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set-print-bounds-geo bounds=LON1,LAT1,LON2,LAT2
4. You know the drill, another command:

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export-bitmap file=output/*file name*.png dpi=200 map-scale=*your scale*
I recommend you to not choose a scale smaller than 1000000, as it will take forever to process into a file, and then that file will be gigantic, but feel free to experiment.
If the first command doesn't work, don't panic; it is only for generating contour lines for hills and stuff, and your map will still work without it.
There is no guarantee this will work, as I had to download some extra .hgt files that you place into the folder

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/*wherever maperitive is*/Cache/Rasters/SRTM3
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