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09 Jul 2019 21:07

Wanting to create a map background for map editor so far have following from memory you have:
def - editor_data.sii
map -Map folder & MapName.mbd
material --> editor - MapName.DDS & MapName.Mat & MapName.tobj

Probably small mistake or something I've forgot :lol: nothing is showing in log no errors or red warnings as far I can see. Only getting the red texture when pressing A. Here can find latest gamelog - getting now error for failing to open .mbd in read only mode not sure if related.

EDIT: Added latest gamelog in pastebin
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10 Jul 2019 22:31

Export .dds file without mipmaps.
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11 Jul 2019 13:31

Thanks, AFAIK When I'm saving/exporting the dds it's already without mipmaps that option is unchecked before saving it.

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