Can ETS2 supports countries that no longer exists?

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04 Aug 2019 06:13

Currently I'm planning for a map mod that basically brings ETS2 to a mid 1980s setting. It is still in planning stage but the one big problem was when you talk about mid 1980s Europe there are a few countries that are no longer here today. The question was can ETS2 supports them as I couldn't find their country codes anywhere.

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04 Aug 2019 11:17

Well you just have to add them yourself ;) for example as far as I know Spain doesn’t exsist in the game files yet but Promods added defs for it
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04 Aug 2019 11:34

Yes, it's perfectly possible to mod in things which do not exist in current reality, e.g. a historical setting. There will be a lot of extant things you'll want to change, and like Plum says, there will be a lot of things which you'll have to mod in from scratch, e.g. defs for countries which no longer exist.
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