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Re: [Sign Editor] Crash when saving Sign Template

Posted: 31 Oct 2019 12:06
by scan720
Vøytek wrote:
30 Oct 2019 20:20
Try to remove few last
You mean delete some Entries in the board/templates.sii?


Code: Select all

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_163 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 1.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_164 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 2.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_165 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 3.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_166 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 4.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_167 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 5.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_168 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 6.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_169 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 7.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_170 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 8.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_171 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 9.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_172 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 10.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_173 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 11.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_174 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 12.sii"

sign_template_def : sign_templ.scan_175 {
 path: "/def/sign/template/Pesaro 13.sii"

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I tried now to delete some signs. And some other Things.
But always i press save or when creating a board, pressing back it crashes... :cry:

Re: [Sign Editor] Crash when saving Sign Template

Posted: 03 Nov 2019 14:34
by scan720
Meanwhile I am back home (was 2 Days in Stuttgart) and finally can try to fix it again...
I tried now to make an new folder so I resave all signs (with little corrections) on the new folder.
But after Saving the board and click back to save the template its crashing again. :x
Could anyone, like you Voytek (Of course If you have the time) check if its also crashing at your PC or anyone who knows the editor well.
If yes, PM me for a download of my mod... (I dont wanna have it now public)
I hope there is an Solution since there is so much Time and "Love" spent on this Project... :|

Here the gamelog which ofcourse tells NOTHING: <---- (Idk why it dont work...)

Re: [Sign Editor] Crash when saving Sign Template

Posted: 06 Nov 2019 19:05
by Topolino
Have you already tried to click on "File" -> "Save as" and save it with a different file name instead of overwriting it by clicking on the save button?

Re: [Sign Editor] Crash when saving Sign Template

Posted: 06 Nov 2019 21:57
by scan720
Yes. After clicking Back then it crashes

Re: [Sign Editor] Crash when saving Sign Template

Posted: 10 Nov 2019 14:29
by scan720
First BIG THANKS to Elot and Dawid and Topolino for helping me to fixing my Problem.
What happened?
I finally fixed my big issue in the map editor so I can save sign temnplates again...
So the Italy Project can finally continue...

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