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My personal map is not "really" recognized on the 1.36

Posted: 13 Dec 2019 18:57
by Miritellane

ETS2 1.36 does not recognize "really" my map,

I tried to switch to 1.36, and I did create an ETS2 alias with -edit at the end....
But when I open my card, it’s empty.
He recognizes it, doesn’t put any error messages, but there’s no set...

However, if I open it in game mode, it opens normally, I access the menus,
but there’s nothing on the game card, I don’t have access to any delivery links,
But I still have my own volvo showing up, and no sets....

If anyone has an idea to open my 1.36 map, or
know a procedure to retrieve my 1.36 card?

I’d like to keep changing my card,
but if I can’t get him to follow the new versions, it would be a shame...
Thank you in advance