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06 Feb 2020 19:21

Good evening
Ever since I got on 1.36, I can’t make the trajectories...
I mean, I do, but they don’t work...
I build them in the same way as with version 1.35,
but none of them work...
Is there a new manipulation, or an option, or whatever different
which prevents their operation,
or a new way to create them?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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19 Feb 2020 18:23

Its really complicated anymore in 1.36 because there is option “periority” that you have to set...Well i also didnt understand the actual logic of that yet...But i tkink number “1” should always be trajector that you set on main road and number “2” should be a split entrance&exit etc.

And I see that on ur picture you didnt set a straight one trajectory on main road and uncheck AI Vehicles square at item properties window
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