[TUTORIAL] How to Make Skins using ETS2studio

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Mr Larrington
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04 Aug 2016 05:04

Having created a variety of skins for Ohaha's Volvo FH 2013 (for different profiles) I've found that when adding "nguard_s" (rear bumper & lights) to a new truck, the options Stock Painted, Custom Ohaha, Custom Multi Light & Custom Low Plus all have an icky bright green part around the rear lights. For example:

Green! by Mr Larrington, on Flickr

This looks horrible. It only does it with the skins I've created. Any ideas?
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08 Sep 2016 17:30


I am new to making skins and have come across a few niches I hope someone can help

My problem is the skins I have made will not show up in-game for certain trucks.

using ETS2 Mods Studio 0-7-4-2 and paint.net

all have same settings
airbrush - on
metallic - on
stock - on

DAF XF 105 (defualt) in-game correct
MAN TGX (defualt) in-game correct
Mercedes Actros (defualt) in-game (Able to select but looks like i have wrong templete skin off.)

the icon to select skin does not show
Iveco Stralis Not Showing
Ren Magnum Not Showing
Volvo FH16 classic not Showing

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23 Oct 2016 03:09

I'd just like to say a big thank you .. I've often wanted to try to create my own skins and every tutorial on youtube has had me baffled ... this is qiuet easy to follow and YES I have managed to make my own skin due to this .. only took me about 6 hours .. haha (I'm not the cleverest in the bunch !) .. So here it is ..
Simple but ... mine!
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Thanks again for a great tutorial.

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04 Jan 2018 14:38

Hi, can you help me ?
I can find my trailer skin in "Trailer Browser" but i cant find any job with my trailer.

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04 Jan 2018 18:01

You probably didn't assign it to a cargo.
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21 Jan 2018 01:23

Hey, I have some issues trying to create a skin with ETS2STUDIO. I tried creating .dds skin template, uploading it to ETS2STUDIO, but when I press Export Mod, software crashes. I tried creating it with .png skin template and it does export, but skin doesn't show up in game. What's the problem?

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09 Oct 2018 09:47

yesterday I tried to make a FedEx skin for Volvo. The skin itself is white with logos on doors.
Problem is that in-game truck is black. I figure that the problem is the mask.
How can I turn it off?

Edit: My skin is covered by base color. Can you point me where is the problem?
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