Packing a Trailer Skin? [Without ETS2studio]

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30 May 2015 19:49

Hi guys,

If anyone knows how to do this, help would be appreciated, as this is a skill I need to develop. I want to be able to write the definitions and know what goes where in the file. Thanks in advance.

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31 May 2015 10:59

Take one of the existing trailer mods and tear it apart?
Otherwise if you have extracted the game data it should be possible to figure out most of the stuff
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08 Jun 2015 13:27

When you say packing a trailer skin, do you mean as stock company replacements or for a standalone trailer? The two methods are very, very different.

Even SCS trailers have differences in the def files depending on which type of trailer it is. The gooseneck containers for example, are completely different to the set up of a Profiliner.

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08 Jun 2015 22:04

I found IJ's Tutorials very useful, and still do.

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