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07 Jun 2015 05:42

I've just gotten into map modding over the weekend, and I have a problem which is really annoying me, and that problem is I can't load a map I created. Whenever I try to load it in, nothing happens. It gives me the blank map and the 'place start' car. I am loading the map from the following directory

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Euro Truck Simulator2/base/map

Could it be a problem with the 'def' folder in 'base' folder? The 'def' folder contains the following and nothing else

def/climate/default/nice.sii & bad.sii

Or maybe with the 'base' folder? The 'base' folder contains the following folders only


Am I possibly missing files/folders too?

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07 Jun 2015 16:51

You need package the files in your mod in a zip file (use store method)
The packaged file goes into the mod folder

Check this topic
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08 Jun 2015 01:55

Thank you. I'll try that out.

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08 Jun 2015 10:12

Hi Andrew. Select the map and def folders in your base folder, and add them to an archive, naming it the same as your map project, with a .scs extension, and copy the mod into your mod folder. Remember to do this every time you edit your map, save it, and quit the editor. Then next time you open the game to edit your map, it should appear :D .
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