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10 Feb 2019 18:36

I've read, thanks to the latest blogpost, that its possible to copy/paste entire sections/areas/(sectors?) from an old map mod into a new one, ie when SCS releases an update. How do you do this? I'm trying to update my map but the only way I know how to do things is delete the sector and redo everything I've done and thats not fun at all.

I've done a lot of stuff where a new highway has been added and I'm trying to combine what I've done but include the new road.

Thanks so much!

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11 Feb 2019 05:15

You need to select your stuff and create an exported map and then import the exported map and stitch it back to the normal map.. This process is called "Frankensteining" by us.
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11 Feb 2019 20:45

Hey, developers
now I got it with the saving.
But the sector, which I built sth, has been overwrited without my changes.
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12 Feb 2019 14:18

Sorry about my English.

So guys, I'm trying many things for my 1:1 scale map and I found some informations.
I just want to know that am I thinking right

I think the difference between prefab models and normal models are
that prefabs contains some informations for map editor and the game. Such as the path for AI traffic and have signs and different textures
in one model.

Is that right?

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13 Feb 2019 13:35

Vøytek wrote:
10 Feb 2019 14:29
fisherm wrote:
08 Feb 2019 16:59
Another question - I can't get companies to function and create jobs when I test my custom map - logos don't appear etc.. Here's what I did - can anyone point out what's missing?

1) In the project def folder, created a company.MyProject.sii with the standard companies e.g. @include "company/bhv.sii"
2) in the project def/company folder, created sii text files for the companies (examples copied from the base extraction)
3) in the project def/company folder, created folders for each company (e.g. a bhv folder), with contents copied from the base extraction
4) in the bhv/editor folder, created a MyCity.sii containing the line SiiNunit{ company_def : .MyCity {city: MyCity prefab: dlc_fr_14}} where the prefab id comes from the content browser
5) Deleted surplus content (e.g. editor folder files referencing cities that aren't currently on the map)
It's better to use lower-case names (myproject instead of MyProject) and use something more unique, for example your nick ;)

I don't think you need step #1 and #2.
Investigate your game.log file, it probably shows errors.

Thanks Vøytek. I went through the gamelog and found the error. In case anyone else comes across this, It turns out you can't have two instances of a company prefab within the same city zone, even if they're just there for scenery and you're not declaring them in def. Company icons and jobs now appear. But now there's a popup "you can't cancel your first job" that won't let me proceed. I think I just need to set the conditions for the player in the test map (as opposed to a real profile running a mod), so finding the file defining player start conditions for a standalone map is my next task :) .

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14 Feb 2019 05:41

Another question.

Is there any way to change prefab scales in map editor? Or
do I have to change it in Blender.

If I have to do it with Blender? How to do it? I was trying to make my own prefab for my map and
I don't know how to define the scale of prefab.

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14 Feb 2019 10:57

You can't scale prefabs in the editor.

It's an advanced part of ETS2 modding and I'm not sure if there are any tutorials about prefab creation.
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14 Feb 2019 15:45

scan720 wrote:
11 Feb 2019 20:45
Hey, developers
now I got it with the saving.
But the sector, which I built sth, has been overwrited without my changes.
The Mod has the highest Priority in Mod Manager.
I don't see your mod active in the mod manager.
Have you copied europe and europe.mdb in your map folder that is part of your SCS file? There must be map and def folders in this SCS file. Are you sure that all sectors appear here? Or what sectors you had to change (looking at which sectors are in europe.bak). Try to watch these tutorials by looking at what mistake you can be made.

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15 Feb 2019 05:41

Hello. I want to ask what is the difference between new road system and old one.
(That scs modding wiki says)

Is the new road system is better? Or do I have to use both.

If it is better? Then what is better

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15 Feb 2019 17:17

If Iets say modify one sector at France to add a new city, how do I save it properly as a non standalone map properly? What do the mod folder has to include and what should be made there? Thanks.

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