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14 Aug 2019 21:19

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19 Aug 2019 23:06

Hello there,

Recently, I've been trying to create a small simple mod that changes the image shown under the map.
I want to make this mod compatible with ProMods, but every time I try to load the modified files ( + through the image doesn't appear under the roads, leaving them floating on the sea.

To fix this issue I tried to check if ProMods used another version of and if it did, I would've edited that. Problem is, that all of ProMods .scs files "cannot be opened as archives" because they are locked.
So now I'm trying to ask here if anyone has any ideas of how to create a map background mod. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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04 Sep 2019 17:17

Hello. I'm new in there. I want to put a sign in the Italian A4 that says that you leave Piedmont and enter Lombardy, and viceversa. How do I do that? After that, please take me to the developers of Ireland, because I want to develop the N20 from Cork to Limerick.

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04 Sep 2019 17:37

You can find tutorials online that'll teach you how to edit the map.
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04 Sep 2019 18:42

Last Night I have tested the map editor, I'll try to understand it better.

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Who is developing Ireland?
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