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01 Mar 2020 02:28

I have a question regarding combo maps. Is there an easy way to position separate maps relative to each other?

For example, if I develop two maps separately (like two islands, or like the MiddleEast addon) and I want to be able to connect them by ferry, is there any trick to doing so except for importing one map onto the other in the map editor or the file browser? Especially if I want them to remain separate maps with their own positions, but to have an addon which stitches them together in relation to each other, or some other way of automatically connecting them.

I suspect that there isn't, and that they would have to be manually combined and positioned together in the same map. But there's very little good documentation I can find.

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01 Mar 2020 13:52

ProMods and Middle East addon are 2 separate maps. You can load ProMods only or you can load PM + ME. When you load them both, you can then make connections (in this case there's no road connection which makes things easier). So if you want to connect 2 maps by road (like PM + RusMap), you'll have to prepare road connections to stitch everything together. Some sectors will overlap, making it even harder to do. And I don't think it can be explained easily, as only few people in this community worked on such connections.
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01 Mar 2020 19:58

The difficulty with connecting overlapping sectors I definitely understand. My question is more about, "if I have england.mbd and ireland.mbd, and both are based around sector 0-0, can I play the England map and have the Ireland map connected, and the Ireland map is shifted 50 sectors west so that it is properly positioned relative to the England map?"

And especially, if I then had a third map, islandofman.mbd, would I be able to change the offset where Ireland gets placed on the England map, so that there is room for the Island of Man, or would I have to manually move it all over to further sectors?

Is there a way to do that with separate map files, or would I have to build Ireland at 0-50 in england.mbd in the first place?

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01 Apr 2020 13:28

Are there any good guides/videos to creating a city from scratch? E.g. editing def files, using the map editor, changing signs, etc.? Thanks!

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01 Apr 2020 13:36

There were several Tutorials on YT.
Just Type "ETS2 map editor Tutorial"
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