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10 Jun 2019 22:20

1. Check if GPS works - if it refuses to show a route, you have disconnected roads, and that's also why AI disappears.
2. You're connecting incompatible one way roads - use "DE hw1a" in this case. It won't break GPS or AI, but it doesn't look good currently.
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10 Jun 2019 22:46

Tip: Holding 'ALT' when connecting nodes will pretty much guarantee they connect (Assuming the nodes are compatible with each other) ;)
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14 Jun 2019 23:59


I'm new to mapping, I have a question.

Is it possible to load a DLC, in the map editor, to connect the road to your custom map? (For example, I want to connect Washington state to my custom map)

Is there a tutorial on how?


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15 Jun 2019 09:52

Well if you have Washington dlc then you can load up usa.mbd and work where you need to around Washington. If you already have work you can override the vanilla sectors with your sectors. Depending on what your map is especially if it’s a different scale I would keep it standalone.
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