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11 Jul 2015 15:35

Hi people,

How can i change sign city names on the board.

Please Tutorial

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15 Jul 2015 15:30

What kind of boards do you exactly mean? The ones above the highway, the city limit signs? There's also a difference between the system used in Scandinavia and the rest (older parts) of europe. Can you give me maybe more information what signs you want to change?

And sorry for seeing your request so late :shock:

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15 Jul 2015 18:35

I've made tutorials about that a while ago. They are in german, but I'm working on adding english subtitles. Maybe it still helps you already :D

Editing signs: (Start at 35:30)

Editing files for signs: ... freload=10 (you might need the whole video for def files and/or city limit signs)

Still, it depends on what signs and what system you use. For the Scandinavian Navigation system the first video should be enough. 8-)
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17 Jul 2015 13:01

English translation (subtitles etc) is something I have been waiting a long time for with those videos. your videos right now are the ONLY tutorial out there that takes someone beyond accessing the UI and actually into doing maps. And they look very high quality, too. I just don't understand a word of it. Knowing you are doing English subtitles has me very excited :) Thank you!
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17 Jul 2015 13:54

Hi Faelandaea! I know you from the SCS forum, so welcome to the ProMods forum!

Yes, the idea of the Academy is provide help to budding mappers and modders, so English subtitles would be very useful ;) .
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