Should've got Promods years ago... [DOWL says hello]

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12 Nov 2017 15:38

I just got round to installing Promods a few days ago, and my map exploration went from ~80% to ~25% - I was shocked I hadn't bothered with Promods before. I knew about it but was happy without it... How wrong I was.

Anyway, I'm DOWL, you might have seen me before on GOG. I'm making a mod(note that that link is outdated), and a game(note that that game is in very early development). Here are my screenshots. I play the legacy version of ETS2 because I can't stand Steam.

Also if anyone is good with truck skins, then help with the aforementioned mod would be great. Ask me questions below.

And also: hello!
A little game I'm making:
Amazing ETS2 Screenshots

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12 Nov 2017 22:20

Hello and welcome! Happy to hear you like the mod ;)
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