Hello my name is Yusuf

New users are welcome to post a short introduction here
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13 Apr 2019 13:38

I am a potato pc player. Last time I killed my pc. It is giving a screen that looks like it is burning but that is normal because I am making hard days for my pc :mrgreen: .
And I am 17 years old high school student. I like playing simulation games. I have never played with mods and I didn't played ETS 2 too much because of my computer :(
I saw these mods from youtube they looked realy beautiful.

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13 Apr 2019 14:29

Hi Yusuf and welcome !

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13 Apr 2019 14:42


Yusuf welcome to Promods!

Best regards,
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13 Apr 2019 22:23

Hi Yusuf and welcome to Promods!
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14 Apr 2019 10:51

Hi Yusuf.
Welcome to Promods!

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