Hello Truckers, Gamers, Modders, ...

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Hello Truckers, Gamers, Modders, ...

Postby stummer » 08 Mar 2014 23:04

Hi all,

I was stuck to "Haulin" for several years and ignored GTS and ETS. Did some simple mods and skins there.

After about one year without playing any simulator, I was some kind of disappointed of the look of the old game - so I decided to go to ETS2. And then I stumpled upon ProMods. First I thought about waiting for patch 1.9, but I couldn't resist and installed ProMods. You guys did an awesome job!

Guess this will be the next game I'll be with for the next years.... :D

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Re: Hello Truckers, Gamers, Modders, ...

Postby RoadRageDude » 09 Mar 2014 02:09

hey stummer wilkommen to ProMods
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