Guess I should present myself as well...

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Guess I should present myself as well...

Postby Jan Verschueren » 21 Apr 2014 02:46

On the surface it might seem odd to make an introductory post about 50-odd posts in, but, to those who know me, this wouldn't come as a suprise, because I'm sort of *like that*. When I see something worth getting involved in, I get involved. When I feel I need to say something, I say it. Maybe this stems from being Flemish: we are pragmatic, no-nonsense people who, generally, subscribe to the "learn to help yourself"-principle.

So, yeah: I'm Jan, a 44-year-old electronics engineer, living in Antwerp, Belgium. I own/have played every game in this series from the original Hard Truck (1998) to the present with the exception of American Longhaul (at which point my gaming setup had evolved to a point where it became impractical to combine steering wheel and pedals into one controller for use with the game) and GTS/UKTS as, for the former, my computer wasn't capable of running it as smoothly as I wanted at the time and the latter somehow failed to capture my imagination.

I was alerted to ETS2 early by some of my simracing friends and this version of the sim also marked the first time I started experimenting with mods. I tried TSM and noticed the obvious things about it (copied cities/roads/landscapes), so I abandoned it fairly quickly. At the same time ProMods appeared on the radar. I followed developments, passively, awaiting release. I had barely begun to explore the then "Scandinavia mod" when an SSD hard disk failure forced a complete re-install (losing a level 99 ETS2 profile in the process). Which leads us to the present: I have re-installed and am rebuilding to acchieve my former status in the game.

As I've said before: thank you for your effort in enhancing this game for all of us. If there is any "grunt work" I can do for you, please point me in the right direction.
"You know you've played too much ETS2 when..." :lol: :P

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Re: Guess I should present myself as well...

Postby RoadRageDude » 21 Apr 2014 03:31

welcome Jan Verschueren to ProMods! Hope you have a good time here
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