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Doctor Z
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17 Nov 2017 10:15

Hello all,

As you can see my flag, I'm portuguese and I'm living in Lisbon area. I'm using ProMods since
one year with ETS2. I'm playing ETS2 since 3 years and it remain me the travels between France
and Portugal when I was young. :D

Since I was a kid I'm dreaming in driving a truck around the european road and ETS2 with ProMods
allow me it. I would like that ETS2 will be more flexible but now it was the best truck simulator
avalaible (the map editor is a great idea, but in some matter, it is hardier/very complicated to do a
simple thing like a personal sign :roll: ). I'm dreaming that a day I can drive from Lisbon to Moscow
with a truck in the game (I can do it with TSM Map, but I think that the quality is not the same than

Many thanks to ProMods and ETS2 to allow me dreaming. 8-)

Doctor Z.

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18 Nov 2017 20:32

Hello and welcome
Mapping... somewhere

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