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Hello From Scotland!

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 21:55
by Chief Mec
My name is Andy.
I had been running standard ETS 2 with all the DLC's for about a year. My son and daughter play as well.
I was never much of a computer buff but when I installed the game I was absolutely blown away. After playing the game for about two weeks on the keyboard I decided to buy the Logitech G27 Wheel, pedals and shifter. Money well spent!! It was working fine on my laptop but by then I knew a major change was needed. We were totally hooked on the game. I decided to buy my nephew's gaming pc as he was getting a better one! When I installed all my bits and pieces I thought ...... wow!!! this is unreal. running the game on ultra settings had opened us up to a completely new side of ETS2. If this was how the pc was for me his new one must be something really special.
Having seen and read about the Promods map expansion I was a bit unsure. I didn't know if I could install this. I knew nothing about compressed files. Patiently I decided to move ahead. I paid for the 2.20 map expansion and it has made an amazing difference to us all. A truly brilliant upgrade to an already excellent game. Thank you Promods. At 43 years old I have never had such an interest in PC's and gaming.
Keep up the good work!

Re: Hello From Scotland!

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 23:33
by ScuL
Well done, good on you :)

Re: Hello From Scotland!

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 19:57
by Nathan_A_RF
It's nice to hear you're enjoying yourself! Welcome to the forum :)