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26 Sep 2013 21:49

My name is Bill, and I am a sixty-five year old who's been retired four times already. Now in my early dotage, I enjoy ETS2 + mods as a means of relaxation after a day of full-time modeling and programming for several companies under contract for professional flight simulators.

These days I speak and write English, although I was once fluent in French, German and Farsi. Now I only remember enough to curse fluently in the aforementioned languages. :lol:
Fr. Bill
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Interests: Gauge Programming - 3d Modeling for Milviz

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27 Sep 2013 00:00

Hi again everyone still enjoying the game and the map.
Really had a good laugh at Bill's remark at languages I used to speak French while growing up thanks to my late father who originally was French Canadian, unfortunately due to lack of use I've forgotten 90% and like Bill only use it for cursing along with German and Russian ( picked that up while stationed in Germany!)

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27 Sep 2013 13:08


my name is Jens , and I am a twenty-three year old. I life in Belgium and I play this game for 3 years.

This mod here is crazy ans i like to see more of this.

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16 Oct 2013 02:18

Hello everyone I am Al. Am old enough to remember the hottest summer in uk and the following year was the Queen silver jubilee. I am from the town Grimsby in north east Lincolnshire uk. I started out on a ps30 with dos3 nightmare :? got a sx25 dx33 dx2 66 overdrive :) Intel p233mmx[/color] amd k6-2 3d now 450 oced to 535 amd duron 900 oced to 1GHz sold pc hardware :x . Then inherited :cry: my father's pc a amd 2.3GHz 60nm die its a brick! So I built myself an intel k2500 B3 oced to 4.8GHz :P backed off to 3.6GHz had doom the org on a 3.5" floppy. Janes flight sims gta nfs3 half life gamer of the year edit extreme assault hitman2 then fsx-gold farming sim 2011/13 blackshark2 bf1942 ets2+dlc+promod and I'm hooked :lol: trying to get to grips with the world of moding

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16 Oct 2013 10:10

Welcome on the forum. No idea if you saw the top gear interview with Hugh Jackman, but they talked about the summer of 1976 and how the ppl in the UK were still talking about it :P
Am I developing at the moment?
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17 Oct 2013 10:30

Goodmorning people! First of all, thanks for the great mod, it's way better in the details then TSM. Not to bash on TSM but those guys forget the detail and speaking English on their forums. Can't wait for the next update, looks like you guys will double the map you already have created! Ok let's stop the ass kissing.
I am Ruben from The Netherlands. I live nearby the belgium border and the main factories of DAF, VDL and ASML. For people outside the region the city has also an awful highway layout which should be included in this game! I am twenty years old, love gaming specially simulators and FPS like RO2 and PR. I am studying to be an IT-network administrator and I am in my last year. So let's the gaming begin!

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21 Dec 2013 11:02


my name is Patrick

country France

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30 Dec 2013 17:24

Hi, I'm Juan and I live in Cádiz, Spain. I speak Spanish, Galician (yes, Cádiz is not in Galicia, but I speak it) and Portuguese.

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19 Jan 2014 12:40

I used to cross the beautiful Runcorn bridge everytime I went home to visit family in Woolton, Liverpool.

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22 Jan 2014 17:07

Hi All,
My name is Chris, But everyone calls me Hammer, on line and in RL
I live is Swansea South Wales and work in a very busy and stressful job. So going home in the evening and driving around in ETS2 unwinds my mind. 8-) . My play style is pretty realistic using a G27 wheel H-shift and pedals, No speed limiter or floating mirrors and I always park my loads.

Used to play a lot of co-op fps's Ghost Recon ArmaII / III But im starting to get board with them after 10 years of playing.

Pro mods is a great addition to ETS and I an enjoying the ride. I have even put some of my old GR moding skill to use to create my own DAF EF skin. My Truck of chose in game. (Sorry Scaina Lovers) :lol:

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