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As some of you may know (or anyone who has readen my name), this is Captain Caribbean and I am 19yo.
I was born and still living in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu in Barcelona, -> Spain <-, I've always loved playing simulation games and / or any "open world" themed game. I started with 6 years old with Driver: Parallel Lines, then GTA SA and this kind of stuff... since I changed to pc where I started with ETS2 in April 2012 (+/-).
Currently I'm studying international trade and after that I'd like to do transport and logistic + IATA agent (if you don't know what it is, google it :3).

My mother languages are spanish + catalan and I also can speak english, german, russian and french, also having a basic level on dutch and italian. After improving all of them I'd like to try korean, swedish and arab. Not trying to impress you, that's true ¬¬.

I'm in a relationship with the Netherlands (serious hahaha). I did an Erasmus to work in a dutch company in the Waarderpolder from Haarlem (-off-topic from off-topic- that's why I'd love to see at least named the Waarderpolder <3), so I used to live in Haarlem and then in the Kraaiennest neighbourhood from Amsterdam. I really felt in love with your "fietsen" (bikes) and "fietsenpad" (bike lane). I'd do anything to revive those days ;_;. Maybe someday I could explain better my stay if I want and I can do it here :P

Lastly, right now I'm working for a transport company. Everytime you haul a cargo, you would be impressed if you knew the stuff that is needed to do before pressing that "T".

Welp, I end as I've started. Hey!

PS: Very nice forum, mod and community you've created. It's like a second family.
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