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i am Dirk

Posted: 07 Jan 2018 09:54
by Knuffelbeer93
hello everyone.

im DIrk (also known as Knuffelbeer) and new to promods.
i have heard alot of promods so i thought lets check it out.

currently downloading sepperately every 7 files and have to say it isnt that slow either.

on to myself now.
i am a real life truck driver in the netherlands for 5 years now.
am 24 years old and addicted to ets2.

ats not so much, because in my opinion it is released too early.
i mean, comon....2 trucks to drive in? the graphix are cool but the physics are a little bit dissapointing.

for example: in ets2 with the daf 6x4 long chassis, the turning point is before the 2 rear axles so the last axle sweeps around like the backend of a bus.
in ats however i found every vehicle having that issue...axle lifted and down. its just an bug that no one ever notices :P

have a great day and may 2018 be awesome!

Re: i am Dirk

Posted: 07 Jan 2018 14:08
by Noah_Lukas
Welcome to the forum ;)