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Good morning (or whatever the time currently is for you),

Who am I?
I am CRUGG and I'm from Germany. I am under 16yrs. old, so I'm pretty young, but I love simulation games. I currently own ETS2 since the 13th August 2016 and I have 53 hours playtime on Steam. But I had way more, when I played the CD Version before I discovered Steam. I also played a very old version back then. It had Majestics, DAV, Ivedo and I think there was also a special name for Volvo. Then I discovered that you can update. A few months later I discovered Steam and I entered my CD Key to Steam and installed it. I also own ATS since the 28th July 2017, but I only have 4 hours of playtime. I own all of the free DLCs included.

My current ETS2 DLCs (I use dd.mm.yy as date Format)
  • Rocket League Promo - Since 13.08.2016
  • Scandinavia - Since 18.07.2017
  • Metallic Paint Jobs Pack - Since 07.02.2018 (Free for registering at WoT)
  • Vive la France ! - Since 25.03.2018
  • Italia - Since 25.03.2018
  • Going East! - Since 29.03.2018

My favourite mods
  • ProMods (if it would work :cry:)
  • Hemil's Route Advisor (SiSL Edit)
  • SiSL's FlatUI
  • SiSL's Mega Pack
  • SiSL's Trailer Pack - SCS Replacement
  • SiSL's Trailer Pack - Doubles Everywhere Addon
  • SiSL's Trailer Pack - Schwarzmüller Addon (Even though I don't have the Schwarzmüller DLC :lol:)
  • SiSL's Trailer Pack
  • City Lighting (by SiSL)
  • Tunnel Background for ETS 2 (by Frkn64)
  • Realistic Truck Physics v5.3 - by Frkn64
  • Google Maps Navigation Night Version

What I also like (to do)
  • I'm pretty interested in German law.
  • I like to work with Linux because it's awesome.
  • I used to play Minecraft a lot, but I don't play it that often anymore, but I like that you can build everything you want without any limits.
  • I also like street racing games like The Crew and Need for Speed
  • Sometimes I try to develop small games

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Why ProMods wouldn't work? No DLC's ? Potato PC?
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