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Hey there.

Posted: 18 Nov 2018 22:56
by Hakima
Hey, I'm Hakima. I'm a professional driver on the Rotterdam-Madrid route pulling a reefer. I own ETS2 for years now, but only became really interested when SCS added the DAF E6. I live in one (A 410, 6spd automatic.), so living in one virtually was just a logical step.
If you're wondering about my profile foto, it's from a site that made a 'Sim' out of you based on a protrait-foto. I'm a dutch-born indo.

I discovered Pro-Mods a long time ago, from when Poland Rebuilding was still a separate download. Rusmap followed shortly after and I have been running these maps eversince. My must-have mods are Sisle flat-UI and Sisle-Megapack. The flat-ui just makes ETS2 look more modern and is easier to use, Megapack for the co-drivers. IRL my partner comes along oftenly (As her work allows.) and in-game I have 'Julliette' to act as my partner virtually. (The other girls in the Megapack seem so dis-interested, as if they don't want to be there.) While driving I use the mod that places the important information in a single bar on the bottom of the screen. I forgot the name, but having the information at your fingertips there makes it very easy to calculate when I should rest, as opposed to waiting for the yawning to happen.

The E6 in-game is a total work of fiction though, not at all like my DAF IRL. I just went crazy with Pendragon mods, light mods and add-on mods. (The amount of powered axles on my virtual-truck are positively illegal IRL, lol.) My IRL DAF is very luxurious, but because of it being driven internationally, a 4x2 and due to dutch laws not as flamboyant as I would like on the outside. Inside though... Nicer than my studio where I stay over the weekend. (At least the bills have a place to go, I myself rather stay at my partner's.)

When I'm not driving on Madrid, I usually do Rotterdam-Palermo. Every once in a blue moon I get Moscow thrown in my lap, but for trips on Russia I have to take a bodyguard along because Russia is unsafe for a woman to go at it solo. I'm very old-school IRL, I carry maps of Europe and city-maps with me and I calculate when to refuel by sticking a ruler into the tank. The onboard computer is also good for that, but it's too conservative. The ruler-method gives you the correct distance left. I also use a GPS, but a current city-map usually allows for plotting a more efficient route. A good map of France will also save one lots of Euros wasted on tollbooths. In ETS I can do more or less the same, by plotting routes that avoid tollbooths as much as possible on the world-map.

I thoroughly dislike Truckers-MP. Tried it once, left and never returned. The amount of idiots is too goddamn high!

That kinda is it, I guess. Honk if you see me on the autostrade... I'm not that hard to miss.

Re: Hey there.

Posted: 19 Nov 2018 00:26
by Davyddin
Hello Hakima and welcome to the ProMods forum and community!

Re: Hey there.

Posted: 19 Nov 2018 06:25
by scan720
Hello Hakima and welcome to Promods! Happy Trucking

Best Regards,

Re: Hey there.

Posted: 19 Nov 2018 18:36
by EdgeGladiator
Hi Hakima and welcome to the community! :D