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17 Jan 2019 15:33

Hi I'm Laurens, 17 years old and from the Netherlands, I generally go by ELgamer on the internet.

I've been playing ETS2 on-and-off since I bought it late 2016 and have gotten DLC's when they where in the sale, I currently am only missing BtBS.
I've always been interested in topography so I just enjoy driving around and looking at all the places I come by, this is the main reason I started using ProMods yesterday and I can say I'm already loving it.
My goal is to become knowledgeable of the different types of scenery that is found around the map and use that knowledge to start creating my own roads and cities. If I enjoy creating areas in the ETS2 map editor and become experienced enough my eventual goal would be to help the team by submitting those areas to be used in ProMods (if I even get this far).

Edit: I have since joined Tregion (1:2 scale of the Netherlands and in the future Belgium and parts of Gemany), this scale is also much more to my liking than 1:19.

Have a good day,

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17 Jan 2019 19:28

Hi Laurens and welcome!

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17 Jan 2019 22:02

Hi Laurens and welcome!
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17 Jan 2019 22:32

Hi Laurens, Welcome to Promods!
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18 Jan 2019 02:29

HI Lauren, nice to meet you

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