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Hey there people!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 16:21
by Volleybal4life
My name is Patrick, I´m 27 year old. And I do love to play games like ETS2!
I had this problem, I got a little bored at it.. So I decided to install a mod, and DAMN what a great mod this is!
After I played it for like 30 min or so, but it was already more then I thought it would be.
I thought that it would be a lot more of a resource monster, but instead it the game runs smoother with the mod enabled than without the mod... :P

When I installed ProMods i liked the fact that my map coverage has dropped from 94.**% to 60.**%, a whooping 35% more map to explore! My map coverage now is 99.98% on ProMods 1.84. Wonder how much it will drop in version 1.9...... ;)

At the end of 2014, Nico asked me to become a Moderator. Well, why would I say no to him?

All I can say is, keep up the good work! And I'm honored to be made a part of this awesome team!

Re: Hey there people!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 16:33
by stummer
Welcome to the forum Patrick!
And you can look forward to see your map coverage dropping again with the release of 1.7 ;)

Re: Hey there people!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 16:34
by cashtime2013
Welcome Patrick! You've just joined thousands of other players who love this map :D

Re: Hey there people!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 22:34
by Nico
Hi patrick

Great username :P Volleybal ;)