New old ex-trucker.

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13 Oct 2019 18:06

Hi, i am Luke, a retired trucker, 55y old.
Been playing ETS/ATS for many years now and finally got a nice pc with an i9 in it. All is good now, can play with all settings set to ultra any game i play.
I am ready to get me Promods and enjoy the best map in town :D and be part of your Promod truckers team.
I hope to see you all on the road with my oldies. If someone has good working old trucks to share, please let me know.
My old trucks need updating to 1.35, and i have not alot of time...need 3 more surgeries starting end of the month and i would like to game as much i can with the trucks i love.
Already had 4 major surgeries this year, my best year ever :roll:
Thanks for letting me in!

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13 Oct 2019 18:46

Road to Asia Admin and beta tester. Our map is going to be released in 2020 so stay tuned. :D My Screenshot topic: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29771

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13 Oct 2019 22:42

Welcome Luke
Working somewhere near Exeter
My YouTube channel

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14 Oct 2019 11:33

Welcome to ProMods Luke! :)
Junior Beta-Tester since 2.26

Senior Beta-Tester since 2.30

Translator of Spanish, Catalan, Euskera and Galician.

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14 Oct 2019 17:59

Hello Luke, Welcome and a top time for you at Promods! :)
My English is exclusively from the Translator

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15 Oct 2019 17:49

lntel i5-8400 2.80GHz, NIVIDA MSI GTX 1060 6GB, RAM 8 GB, Windows 10 professional (64 Bit) , Promods love)

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17 Oct 2019 17:42

Welcome to ProMods Luke !!

ProMods Junior Beta-Tester and Translator

[WIP] Southern France rework
[REL] Mediterranean Map
[WIP] Maghreb Map
[REL] Real European Gas Stations Reloaded for Promods

[FR] Fiches conseille voyage : Route France, Espagne et Maroc on Yabiladi

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19 Oct 2019 08:36

Welcome, enjoy your stay :)

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01 Dec 2019 18:45

Thank you all for the warm welcoming and tips, sorry i kinda forgot about this thread oops!

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