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01 Aug 2013 22:12

Hello everyone! My real name are: Charlie and i live in "Norrköping" Sweden. i still study in Three long years left Before i can start job. i'll try to be an mechanic for Trucks, dont know if that is my Dream job or not! ;) :roll: Few languages i know are: Swedish, English, Little German, few bad words in Finnish ;) and i can understand few parts of Norwegian.
I love to play on gaming servers on, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" i'm an Super_Moderator at 5 servers and i host 2 Servers, one of them with an friend, and second an friend of me decided to add me be cause i have helped him too much with his Server Mods. or called mostly for "Plugins" i work currently on HUD and SHOP system plugins for "mw3". (my coding rank=bad) But i try to learn!
i even plays Little on "MTA" (Multi Theft Auto) that is an Multiplayer Client for "GTA SA" (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) on one server there can i be Super_Moderator if the owner approve me.

Right now i have summer break till 19 AUG then i start school again. ohh, i haven't tell the best, Right now does i have decide to create my own website with own written codes in PHP, i dont have any experience :P But i have experience in Adminstarting an Forum and Moderating an Forum. be cause i have one self at this page: is the website for my forum, the website isn't started, that is an Project i hope will work! ;)
if you want any Forum Moderator, or an Extra forum Admin, do you know where i am! ;)

now, share a Coca Cola with the sun! Cheers

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01 Aug 2013 23:00

Hej & välkommen...

Unfortunately Norrköping is not included in our map mod at the moment but you may see the place on a few signs here and there :)
Welcome to the forum and enjoy!
I am Image Dutch living in Image New Zealand and I speak Image EN Image DE Image SE Image FR

EnVi Sweden Rules
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Location: Norrköping, Östergötland

01 Aug 2013 23:13

Thank you! i hope that you guys maybe can set out Norrköping on the map in future updates! and i hope that you maybe can use me for do some jobs, if you have tooken an look in my forum can you see that i have worked hard with one other to get all these usefull stuffs.
You remember where i am if you need help on the Website!

Thanks again and i hope i'll enjoy this site as many others!

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