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06 Nov 2019 11:22

Hello folks. My names Steve.

Ive has ETS2 for a long time and have recently decided to download promods to give a new life to the game. I am probably the worst computor person out there, I get frustraited very easily when things dont work and tend to use a hammer or brute force to fix things. I dont know if any of you can help me fix my frustration before I blow my lid! I have downloaded the MOD, but I cannot open the files on windows 10. Its asking me "what App would I like to open it with?" These files should just be document files, I cannot open them. Its not giving me an option to open normally. What or where have I gone wrong? Its currently trying to open using internet explorer, which is wrong I know but how do I rectify this issue? I cannot find any help online, youtube or google are all endless fields of hopes and dreams. Any help much appreciated.

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06 Nov 2019 11:47

Hi Steve you require 7-zip to extract the archives. www.7-zip.org
Please also review our tutorial so that you follow all the steps correctly
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07 Nov 2019 00:13

Hello, Steve.
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07 Nov 2019 00:28

Welcome Steve! :)
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08 Nov 2019 20:51

Hi Steve and welcome !

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