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05 Dec 2019 02:23

I recently purchased ATS which I instantly fell in love with, clocked a few hundred hours in a few weeks and found glory in ETS2. I've been Nebdeath since the dial-up days and found that name at my 1st LAN party. I'm 48 and have been gaming since the late 70's. My 1st pc was a ColecoVision Adam that soon followed up with a series of Ataris. I've had a deep love of computers and music for as long as I know. I record music professionally under my real name Tony Smart I've been tempted to score for film and games, I typically make techno, house, tech house and everything in between in underground electronic music. I find that Breakbeats,or Drum and Bass make an excellent backdrop while driving. Conundrum as follows, as I love Promods to the point I'm holding off 3.6, and the new dlc until you guys catch up... wonderful work!!! I live on the coast of Newfoundland in a community of 1000 people isolated except by boat until the 80's until 200kms of road connected it. These games made me haywire, bought a g29 and a new handball with high/low range and jake. add me on steam tony_sm

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05 Dec 2019 12:45

Welcome to ProMods Nebdeath! :)
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PS, to you sound mod guys.... send me your raw audio files, i'll send back gold. Between pro compressions and reverbs I can make sounds come to life. :)

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05 Dec 2019 17:38

Welcome :) I started gaming on a Commodore 16 myself, sadly didn't have truck games then!

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Welcome to ProMods Nebdeath
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Welcome Nebdeath!
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Hi Nebdeath, welcome ! :D

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