who is dissi? good question

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23 Jan 2020 16:03

disisme...really..is saige….but I prefer to be called sarah. Saige is my stage name, an actress that's in semi retirement after doing a lot of TV work and a few movies.

Trucks...well...no, not really...but I love to drive pretty much anything, and from a gaming perspective I tend to like the "no lose, no risk, extended career" genre..like farming...so ATS and ETS2 really fitted into my "things to do to destress" list quite nicely.

No, I don't do 200kph...I do 90.....I also tend to be in truckersmp rather than playing solo, running convoy with my English buddy, max, and telling him to "hurry up".

Basically...American, female, mid 30s, married, 2 kids, and get paid to pretend I am someone else.

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23 Jan 2020 17:15

Welcome to ProMods Sarah! :)
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Welcome to ProMods Sarah!
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28 Jan 2020 00:20

Hi Sarah, welcome !

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