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01 Aug 2013 23:19

Hello there,

I'm from Denmark, and new to the ETS2, but I have played games for a loong time, but mostly FPS game like BF2 and 3, I also played some Diablo.
I did fall over this game, and now I can't stop playing it, but the original game need to have more lands, they can't call it Euro Truck when it does not cover euro ;) But then it is good that we have some very good mod maker, that can give us the rest of euro + alot of more :D

I look forward to play in skandinavien :)

My Best

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01 Aug 2013 23:24

"Velkommen" to another fellow Dane :).
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01 Aug 2013 23:27

Yea it's funny how that happens with truck simulators, once you find out you get hooked. :D Welcome!
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