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New users are welcome to post a short introduction here
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Hi. I'm Abraxas and I'm from Wroclaw, Poland. 32 years young graphic designer.
I've returned to ETS2 after long break and discovered ProMods. I love it! Currently I learn map editing and hope that some day I'll be able to contribute to this community somehow. Mostly because I prefer modding to gaming.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great day guys.

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02 Jul 2015 11:37

Hi mate and welcome!
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02 Jul 2015 14:03

Witamy! :D
I`m not sure that this is right.

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02 Jul 2015 14:47

I am Image Dutch living in Image New Zealand and I speak Image EN Image DE Image SE Image FR

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welcome to the forums! <censored>
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Hi, Matt from the UK. Just recently downloaded ETS2 and loving it so far.

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09 Jan 2016 07:57

Welcome back! Pro mods is a fabulous map expansion for ETS2 compared to TSM it stands high with angels while TSM down at bottom. Pro mods is more special and TSM it just makes original version but bigger nothing much special... Pro mods added wonderful layouts of roads and structured them very differently mean while TSM they just giving longer original game no interesting motor way junctions.... Choose Pro mods, throw TSM in the bin.
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Eh… thank you for your kind words, but
1. It would've been enough if you'd posted it in a normal way. Red is the moderators' colour, next to green.
2. What exactly does it have to do with Abraxas' introduction?
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Hi mate
I'm from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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30 Aug 2017 08:05

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and l like such forums. I would love to spend quality time here.

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