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26 Oct 2017 14:48

I saw an 1.7.5 on ets2.lt.. fake?

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26 Oct 2017 15:29

I would say, if it's not in this original thread it's most likely a fake...or atleast someone elses custom updated mod
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26 Oct 2017 16:22

Well, the original topic is in a russian forum, so I'd rather be asked here. Anyway, it was removed in the meantime. So everything is ok and I´m looking forward to an official next version. Keep up the great work!

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26 Oct 2017 19:28

Found it on http://ets2downloads.com/ as well was fooled and downloaded but had a data error when extracting. Attempted to find on another site with no success, then came here and read this. It needs to be avoided here as well.

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27 Oct 2017 15:46

@racenut33, AIDIMATOR - fake. The real author ALDIMATOR

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02 Nov 2017 13:38

Are there any plans to rebuild the western part of Russia? From St.Petersburg to Voronezh?
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02 Nov 2017 16:43

Do i need to download the ferry connections for Promods and Rusmap?

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03 Nov 2017 08:23


you do not need to download the ferry connections, but you can if you want.

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06 Nov 2017 07:46

Just wanted to congratulate the RusMap team on some good work... I have just started exploring -- Vyborg to St Petersburg, then Schlisselburg. Quite impressed by the quality of architectural models -- plenty of true 3d (details not just painted on flat facades, but modelled in full relief). Nifty historical buildings and ruins. Even a statue or two!
Vegetation mix is good too, fairly convincing. This first taste has got me pretty excited about touring Russia :-)
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06 Nov 2017 09:18

You will be much more impressed by the quality, architectural models, historical buildings... when you travel deep in Rusia. first on north you will see a lot of mix vegetation and changing buildings ! Great, But after that You have to go to see Moscow and go after much more in south... Great work guys !!!! I like this map, too. Nice roads and vegetation in that zone.

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