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sovietwarbear NL
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07 Nov 2017 13:39


i just instal rusmap and when i load game a game crash every time when load bar is at 50% so far i know i have right load order andd i Generate a new def file because i us now rusmap. befor rusmap every thing work normal

so what am i do wrong :P i got game log but how do i upload it to here ?
edit hope this helps

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07 Nov 2017 15:06

Hi there, based on the screens you posted through their hosting site, you better adjust the load order a bit more, especially that connector for Rusmap looks outdated and can cause crashes in the present version of Promods and Rusmap. The latest connector is also available on the first page of this topic, courtesy of Aldimator and Vlad, it should be for 2.20 instead of 2.18, one version ago. Also look for the correct order for Promods and Rusmap, which was revised a while ago. Because of some new assets, models and textures to Promods 2.20 and or 2.18 + Rusmap was also revised internally a bit, the old official load order is now obsolete and needs to be adjusted. Putting your favourite truck and traffic mods above the Promods files and the TCP package helps tremendously and reduces the chance of a crash if possible.

Last but not least, some of the Promods files - the Promods Trailer and Cargo pack should be higher than the original Promods files, if the game remains stable even with TCP under the Promods files, leave it as it is, but it's recommended for better results in-game and higher compatibility between the addons and Promods with Rusmap. Based on my previous experiences with Promods and TCP package, both work as intended in only a specific load order, which puts TCP package higher than Promods.

Try the new connector first and I think the game shouldn't crash anymore.

Best regards. ;)

sovietwarbear NL
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07 Nov 2017 16:44

it works now i didt see i got 2.18 connector. later on day wil do long run see if game stop working

the load order i us is from mod it self

ty for help

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07 Nov 2017 21:29

Glad to have helped. ;)

Best regards and happy trucking. :)

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08 Nov 2017 20:03

Does RusMap team regularly read this thread? is this a good place to post bug reports, or is there a more official forum somewhere?

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08 Nov 2017 23:56

There is a Russian forum for it. You can post there in English though, some will understand :roll:

http://truck-sim.club/forum/208-proekt- ... p-project/
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15 Nov 2017 02:30

is it possible to get a zip file with the companies for rusmap? the custom companies.

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15 Nov 2017 16:55

you mean those in this mod...check the asset file
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15 Nov 2017 23:40

does anyone know were i could download the rusmap

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16 Nov 2017 08:17


the links are on the first post.

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