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Rudi Raser
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19 Dec 2017 21:46

try to load an older save. i had also some problems with my latest save. it worked, but if i pressed ESC i had CTD.
reloaded another save, and now it seems to work well.

and thanks for updating aldimator. driving the new road up to Murmansk in the moment, looks very nice. :)

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19 Dec 2017 22:09

Thanks for update :D
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20 Dec 2017 01:03

Anyone got any screenshots of the new areas?

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20 Dec 2017 08:26


currently I'm at work, but now you have connection up to the north (complete E105 road to Murmansk).

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20 Dec 2017 20:05

Hi Aldimator, RusMap it's fantastic! Thank you for this update, thank you for this very good map.
Best Regards, sunnyboy2005
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20 Dec 2017 20:49

bount77 wrote:
19 Dec 2017 21:20
I have a problem and I can't load my profile with this new update. Do you know what is an issue?
I have same problem can't load my profile with 1.8 version rusmap,and i tried to load older saves but nothing change.

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20 Dec 2017 21:11

Did you update your game to the latest version?
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20 Dec 2017 21:25

Dear aldimator, I have just one question regardiing your uploads.
On the website: https://ets2.lt/en/rusmap-v1-8-1-30-x-o ... nt-3324948
you have published your mod, too, but with the name: [email protected]
But here on promods.net your name is aldimator.
The people on ets2.lt/en are always confused with your 'two' names.
They even call you 'a thief' and therelike.
Can you please explain to me why you use the two names instead of one?
You can send me a Email to my private email-address.
Kind regards from Germany

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21 Dec 2017 01:36

you mean this?

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21 Dec 2017 01:37

The fake account on ets2.lt is aIdimator with a capital i instead of the minor L.
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