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08 Mar 2020 13:58

While driving through Belarus, I haven't seen a single Police car, is it normal or not? Having promods only, I have been seeing Police cars very often.

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09 Mar 2020 23:12

I see plenty of cop cars. Don't know maybe a coincidence? Wrong time, wrong place?

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10 Mar 2020 16:43

Sorry if this has been asked before, but as you can see a part of Russia goes outside the map. Is this because I did something wrong durring installation or that's how it should look?
Also, I've downloaded Piter for Rus Map and noticed in the txt file a different load order than the one in the big load order for recommended maps. Which one is good?

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10 Mar 2020 17:03


That's normal if you use the SCS own background map! If you want a bigger
background map covering a much larger area, get it here:

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11 Mar 2020 13:57

It would be nice if you could improve the borders of poland-belarus, belarus-russia. They are a bit dated and they don't use the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC border checks

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14 Mar 2020 13:23

The game is crashing on the highway M-10 near Velikyi Novgorod.

Here is my game.log

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15 Mar 2020 04:03

Downloaded the paid version of the map ok but can I get the Fix No3, no way, with the high amount of rubbish trying to take over my computer from Sharemods I have given up and will now carry on using the previous version which appears to run ok until the map gets another upgrade.
if anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate.

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15 Mar 2020 09:43


Why don't I get a single ad or popup when downloading from ShareMods?

SaMartok (NL)
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15 Mar 2020 15:26

Use an adblocker. I don't have any problems anymore since.

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15 Mar 2020 17:48

Crashing always at same road, log:

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