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[REL] Reisproject 1.5

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13 Feb 2016 09:23


The Reisproject is a (about 80%) rebuild of SCS' map (roadcourses, landscape, details) + new Areas
To make it short: It's focus was set on the level of detail.

Changelog 1.5:
- inclusion of Scandinavia DLC
- lot of new- and rebuilds
- Bugfixes
- Def-Tuning
- new textures
- etc.

Original SCS Forum Thread.
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15 Feb 2016 15:16

Did you make this map? If you didn't, please put a source in your description. And link to your source.
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Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
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