[WIP] Announcing Project Canary for ets2

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25 Feb 2016 22:02

Project canary will be a 1:1 map that will feature tenerife ( other islands might also be added later) It will be a huge project and it wont be done any where soon. The first area that will be done is the tenerife south airport and its connecting road to the tf1. Stay tuned for images and more updates!
This map will also feature custom logos and cargos. Per example animals to the loro parque from the airport or a cable car for the teide cablecar. This will be a map project that aims to recreate tenerife as realistic as possible.
City list or places:
Adeje, Santa cruz de tenerife, San andres, Telerifico el teide, Vilaflor, Tenerife sur airport, Tenerife north airport, Puorto de la Cruz, Los Cristanos, chio, Costa Adeje.
Roads: tf1, tf2, tf82, tf12, tf38, tf21,tf24, tf5, tf4, tf3
Sida, Mercadona, Siam parque, Loro parque, Telerifico el teide, Car dealers, Maersk lines.
Various non existing dealers will be added since there are no main truck dealers on tenerofe ( for what ive known and seen)

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26 Feb 2016 02:17

Sounds good :D
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26 Feb 2016 11:10

Good luck on your project :)
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26 Feb 2016 12:03

Good luck!
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28 Feb 2016 08:37

The project will be starting very soon. I will build the map based on google streetview, my own movies and pictures of tenerife. ( luckily almost any important road is streetwieved.

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28 Feb 2016 09:06

so i just started working :D and i decided to start making a small island instead of tenerife. So the first island that will be released is el hierro ( Ferro )

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14 Apr 2016 15:04

will your map be compatible with Promods, project Balkans, VladzzGs_map_for_ProMods_v2.01_R2 + rusmap ?

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14 Apr 2016 15:12

The map's scale is 1:1, so it won't be compatible I suppose. Size of the Canaries would be unrealistically huge if you made it compatible with ProMods.
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18 Apr 2016 16:53

sounds a very good project, and i hope the project will become part of promods :)

if you use a 1:1 scale, it will be a nice look and view. But, base on my experience playing ETS 2 and Promods, it will be better to adjust the scale a little bit, also it will be able to combine with promods, as we know that the area still one part with Spain, and I think promods will expand the Iberian peninsulas to their autonomous areas respectively

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23 May 2016 13:39

Is this project still active? I live in Tenerife and would LOVE to drive a truck in there.

Moreover, driving in tight Tenerife's roads and hills is so hard that would be a nice and challenging map!

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